It starts with a 100 year old dough recipe mixed daily and the best "D.O.P" tomatoes, mozzarella and olive oil, imported from Italy.

Using our award-winning stretching technique, the dough is given the perfect consistency.

Once the pizza is prepped with these fine ingredients, it is placed in our one of a kind wood-fired oven, which operates at around 900F.

The pizza is cooked to perfection in about 90 seconds.

We hope you enjoy your pizza, and know how much love and history is behind getting it to your plate!

Verace Pizza Napoletana translates to: "true Neapolitan pizza", a title currently granted to less than 100 establishments throughout all of North America.

To qualify for this honor a restaurant must embrace and adhere to the traditions of the master pizzaioli in Naples, Italy and must use only the highest quality approved ingredients, production methods and equipment.

Even then, the honor is reserved for a select few establishments, approved by the AVPN.

The AVPN was founded in 1984 and is based on traditions that go back over a century.

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