Born in Italy, raised in Rhode Island, and his mother's stove-side assistant growing up, Alexander has a long-term relationship with delicious Italian cuisine. It was during his college years at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles however that Alexander became professionally involved with food preparation and service for the first time. Studying advertising and marketing by day and working among Sicilian chefs and pizzaioli during the evenings and weekends (Pinocchio in Cucina, Pacific Palisades, CA), Alexander developed a love for the passion and creativity that goes into providing a truly exceptional meal.

After spending several years in the advertising industry following college, today Alexander works with his father and mentor Ken, assisting in the management of several family businesses and investments while developing new projects. When it was determined that Basta was due for a full scale renovation and restructuring, Alexander took a lead role in top-level project management, rebranding and creative control in his position as President of the Night Owl Restaurant Group, Basta's parent company.

Alexander is absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity because of the sentimental feelings he has for the restaurant and the memories he has shared there since his parents originally opened Basta's doors over 23 years ago. With a nod to the past and an eye to the future, Alexander and the Basta Team plan to make Basta a classic all over again.