On 2/7/13 Basta opened for business following our comprehensive 6-month renovation. Looking back on this massive undertaking and group effort, one thing is clear, it was worth every bit of effort...Basta is truly back.

We have already seen plenty of new guests walk through our doors and that is very encouraging, but we are most overwhelmed by the passion and excitement of the locals of Edgewood. The support of our neighbors has been key to Basta’s development for 23 years and recently, throughout our renovation. That support was as obvious as ever on opening night - within an hour of unlocking our doors we were at capacity, and with all the familiar faces it felt “just right”.

We heard: "Basta is better than ever!", "A perfect meal!" and "The energy is New York City, but the charm is still Pawtuxet Village!".

Thank you all. Basta will always be here to support Edgewood and we thank you for returning the love.


See you soon,

The Basta Team