What we looked like just over  a year ago during our extensive renovation! Basta is thrilled to announce that we have reached a huge milestone – it has been one year since our extensive remodel was completed and we reopened. The journey this past year has been truly amazing, with great people coming through our doors and equally great food coming out of our kitchen.

We want to thank everyone not only in Pawtuxet Village and Rhode Island, but also everyone who has visited us or worked with us from all corners of the globe. From Napoli to Little Italy, we have had an overwhelming response in the past year that we are truly humbled by and grateful for.

Just as excitingly, Summer 2014 marks the 25th anniversary since Basta originally opened its doors in 1989. Stay tuned, we’ve got big plans.

Take a look at some of our biggest firsts since the renovation below.

Many thanks, The Basta Team

Tony Cerbo during his first night at Basta

The first day our outdoor patio and bar was open for business!

The very first night we were open after renovation