Michael, a Cranston native and graduate of Cranston High School West + CACTC culinary arts program, excelled and was awarded the City of Cranston Mayoral award of 2008. He began his journey with TGIFRiDAY'S, and stayed with the company for ten years, which set the course for his development working various roles throughout the company. While working, he attended college at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI and graduated with his degree in Culinary Arts along with a BS in Food & Beverage Management.

The importance of a good education was instilled in him by his Mother, a Cranston public school teacher, and his grandparents. His family all still reside in Rhode Island, mostly concentrated in Cranston. He looks forward to teaching his niece and nephew how to cook and bake.

He has worked in a few well known restaurants in big cities including Providence, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Baltimore, while networking and learning the trade. He took a particular interest in mixology, and pairing food with great wines, beers, and cocktails. He stays ahead of industry trends and challenges himself to create spectacular cocktails while educating his staff on great wine varietals and craft beers.

Being of Italian heritage he naturally found his niche in Italian comfort food. He often reminisces about his childhood, shaping the meatballs with his grandmother, flouring eggplant, and rolling out the pasta while making a flavorful gravy. The classic "Italian Sunday Dinner" is something he talks about from time to time; with the amazing spread that was always put out - everyone leaves full, and a pants size bigger. He looks forward to growing with the Basta family, while becoming more involved with the community.

He invites you all to come in and join him for a memorable experience and meal.