Bridget was born and raised in Rhode Island. She grew up in a large family where the first question of the day was routinely, “What’s for dinner?” She baked almost daily as a child and constantly shared her enthusiasm for making and enjoying food with loved ones. She never imagined this would turn into a career until, well, it did.

Upholding the food-centric life she had always known, she decided one day that her skills and characteristics were best suited for the kitchen and she dove in head-first. She has since had the pleasure of working with skilled chefs and selfless mentors, like Chefs Tino Franco and Niko Vafides, that have taught her how to delve deeper into her love of cooking.

Bridget is especially excited to be part of a team that cares deeply about authentic Italian cuisine, as any Rhode Islander would be. Creating delicious food in a place she loves, she is truly at home.